Frequently Asked Questions

Still got some questions?

A casting can be done from the day a baby is born up to any age! Remember that babies double in size in such a short time, so the earlier you book in the cuter the sculpture will look! We do plenty of castings including older siblings, parents & even grandparents and they still look adorable.

The process we use is completely painless! Our product is totally safe, non-toxic and non- allergenic and is used world wide in the casting industry. Some babies will cry while the mould is being taken but this is because it is a new sensation for them. With newborns it is very easy to take the mould while they are feeding or even asleep and most of the time they don't even notice!

When we are making the mould the baby is able to move and wriggle for a short time until the product starts to set. The product sets into a rubbery mould and the baby is no longer able to wriggle. The mould that has been taken is of the position your baby's limb was in when the product sets, so each individual casting is completely unique! If after removing the mould we are not completely happy with it then we can recast it at that time which will only take a few extra minutes.

No. Each mould is broken to remove the casting so it can only be used once.

Taking the moulds only takes a matter of minutes, it is choosing the display options that takes a little more time. You need to choose a frame, a mat colour, casting colour, inscription and the setting inside the frame. If you look through the website at some different options you may save some time on the day. I like to allow an hour for each appointment.

At Precious Memories we complete your casting from start to finish here on site! This means there are no time-delays in receiving your finished casting. Each individual casting is handcrafted to show every amazing detail so it does take time to create this beautiful keepsake. The finished casting is ready for collection 6-8 weeks after your appointment.

In the first month or so some babies will leave their hand relaxed and open but between the age of 2-8 months they will usually clench their fists as it is a natural reflex. Once they are old enough to understand you they are usually quite happy to make a Hi-5 hand for you.